Abbey Lane Reformed Church
Guidelines for attending worship

Last updated October 2020

Below are the measures we have put in place to minimise the risk of spreading the coronavirus.  We ask all visiting or attending the church buildings to please abide by them for the safety of yourself and others. 

Thank you

  1. Do not enter the church if you have any COVID-19 symptoms.
  2. On arrival at church, please enter through the vestry door. This will be fixed in the open position when weather permits.  Please enter the church singly or in your household group; you may need to queue outside for a short while, and if so, please maintain a two metre distance from others. It is currently a legal requirement to wear a face covering at church. In the context of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, a face covering is something which safely covers the nose and mouth and must securely fit round the side of the face. [Link to Government Guidance]
  3. When you go inside the vestry door please use the hand gel as directed by the steward.
  4. Proceed directly into the church and sit in an available pew. Please do not sit in pews that have notices saying they are not to be used: this is important in order to maintain social distancing.  Please do not walk around inside the church before or during the service. Whilst you are inside the building try to avoid touching any hard surfaces as they can be a means of transmitting the virus
  5. If you normally bring your offering to church each week, please place it on the plate as you leave the church. If possible, use an envelope. Otherwise please place your offering directly on the plate
  6. If you are likely to need a drink during the service, please bring a small bottle of water with you. A jug of water will be available in the vestry for emergency use.
  7. Communal hymn singing is not currently permitted, but there will be hymns to listen to during the service. The words and any responses to be used during the service will be in hymn books placed on the pews.  Please leave the hymn books in the pews when you leave.
  8. If you have been asked to do a reading, please bring your own bible with you if you can.
  9. Please leave promptly at the end of the service, singly or in your household group. Please leave through the main entrance doors. The doors will be fixed open. Please allow the more able-bodied to leave first, so that those who are less mobile can move at a comfortable pace. Please use the hand gel in the entrance lobby before you leave.
  10. Please avoid any physical contact with others, such as handshaking or hugging. Please ensure that you maintain social distancing.
  11. If you need toilet facilities, please use the hand gel that is on the table outside the toilet before you enter and after you leave.  Before leaving the toilet please spray any surfaces you have touched using the anti-viral spray provided.
  12. If you develop COVID-19 symptoms after you have attended worship, please inform the Church Secretary or an elder as soon as possible. [Link to Contact Details]

Please cut off the form below and bring this with you on the first Sunday that you resume worship in the church. Thank you.



I have read the measures that Abbey Lane United Reformed Church has put in place to minimise the risk of spreading the coronavirus, and agree to abide by them.  I agree to my attendance being recorded and details passed to the NHS Test and Trace service if requested.

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