What else happened?

Abbey Lane chapel was built in 1811.  Other events of the year included.

King George III was declared unfit to rule.  The Prince of Wales was appointed Regent.

The Prime Minister was Spencer Perceval, a decent uninspiring leader struggling with a shaky economy and social unrest.  (No one yet knew that he would become famous as the only British prime minister to be assassinated.  In 1812 he was fatally shot by a businessman with a grudge against the government.)

Population census showed there were just over 10 million people in England and Wales.  Saffron Walden had 3403 inhabitants.

A 4 lb loaf of bread cost 1s.2d. (=6p  –  if you ignore inflation!)

The Luddites (textile workers who feared losing their jobs) began to break into factories at night and smash up the new machines.

First performance of Beethoven’s Piano Concerto no. 5 (‘The Emperor’).  Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility was published.  The Derby was won by Phantom, owned by Sir John Shelley.