What does it mean to be Christian? What is Jesus trying to tell us?

Abbey Lane is a welcoming Church which seeks to understand Christ’s mission for us through the study and teaching of the bible.

We have agreed a statement of Mission, Vision and Values, which we are committed to reviewing on a regular basis:

We are a Christian church community whose members and friends believe that God’s love is for all.

As a church we are committed to sharing the love of God in Christ Jesus with all. We try to do this by what we say and do.

Our mission statement

Abbey Lane and Newport United Reformed Church aims to be a welcoming Christian community in the reformed tradition, which seeks to:

¨  Proclaim the Gospel (Good News) of Jesus Christ

¨  Grow in faith

¨  Reach out in service to our neighbours near and far

The full statement can be read here: statement-of-mission-vision-values-revised-nov15