Iona Pilgrimage for Peace & Justice

Iona Pilgrimage

for Peace and Economic Justice

Iona 19th May – London 20th July, 2013

Below are details of the timings and route of the Iona Pilgrimage:

Sunday 14th July – Second Sunday Special

14.00/14.15  Join the Pilgrimage at the lay-by with the refreshment

caravan just north of the Genome Campus to walk five miles to

Abbey Lane.

16.00  Pilgrimage will arrive at Abbey Lane.

16.30  Hot meal for the core group of pilgrims.

18.30  Iona Evening Prayer at Abbey Lane followed by refreshments.

Monday 15th July

08.30   Pilgrimage will depart from Abbey Lane

10.00   Pilgrimage will arrive at Newport URC, Wicken (Buntingford) Road

10.30   Iona Morning Prayer, coffee and cakes.

11.00   Pilgrimage continues to Buntingford