The Barns

On the day before demolition of Abbey Lane’s old chapel, the minister preached rather pointedly on Hebrews 10: 25 (‘Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together’).  No church to meet in?  Not a problem  –  one of the trustees lent his large barn to accommodate the congregation for worship.  The committee and builder worked hard to fit it up acceptably.  Presumably communion table, rostrum and benches were the essentials  –  and perhaps the children enjoyed perching on any straw or equipment that remained.

Services were well-attended and monthly church meetings also continued, with admission of several new members.  Then the weather caught them out.

As there was ‘a singularly early harvest’, the barn was needed for its proper purpose and the congregation, seeing themselves as the children of Israel journeying onward, had to move to a second barn for the last few weeks of the building interval.