Welcome to our Church

Lord Jesus,
In the midst of a storm,
You said, ‘Peace be still.’
Bid our anxious fears subside,
Sustain your church in faith, hope and love,
Bring our nation through this tumult,
Grant wisdom to those with heavy responsibilities,
And healing and hope to those who are infected.

Our Risk Assessment for opening for private prayer is now available on our weekly notices page

During the period that Church Services and other activities at Abbey Lane and Newport are suspended, the West Essex and Bishop’s Stortford (WEBS) pastorate is providing an online Sunday Morning service.

For details please e-mail: secretary@saffronwaldenurc.org.uk

Below are some links you may find helpful to materials for use in worship at home. Resources for 4th July:

Resources for adults

Resources for families

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We would also like to share links to the following initiatives and resources:

  1. Daily Devotions – If you would like to make use of this much recommended form of worship, then sign up by visiting https://devotions.urc.org.uk.
  2. The Daily Devotions team are also organising a regular Sunday Service which will be recorded and emailed to subscribers
  3. URC Churches with services available online can be found here
  4. Methodist resources for home worship can be found here
  5. Wesley’s Chapel in London will continue to live-stream worship, adapted for no physical congregation, and found here on Youtube. Service times are: Wednesday 12:45, Thursday 12:45, Sunday 9:45 and 11:00.
  6. BBC : The BBC Daily service  is broadcast 9.45 Monday to Friday on BBC Radio 4 long wave, on BBC Sounds, the BBC website and on Radio 4 DAB. If using Radio 4 DAB, the service is on a side channel made available about a minute before the programme begins. To access it from Radio 4 DAB, select “Daily Service” (from your display) with the tuning wheel and press the selector button.

SAM_0526 abbey lane and newport united reformed church saffron walden

Newport United Reformed Church (left) and Abbey Lane United Reformed ChurchAbbey Lane URC-Private_Prayer-Risk-assessment v2 25-6-20